CaddyBeacon, Making Your Golf Game Smarter

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What to know

It's easy. Just download the app, find your course, and walk to the tee box:

  • Advice from the Tee Box, making you smarter off the tees
  • Updates for your approach shot with tips throughout the fairway
  • Focus on the greens, helping you see the pitch and roll

Your Mobile Smart Caddy

CaddyBeacon is a virtual caddy.

Its like you hired a caddy to provide swing-by-swing advice. Beacons placed at the Tee Box, yardage markers, and the Putting Green ping your smartphone and provide hole-by-hole, swing-by-swing, caddy-like pro tips.


What Kind of Advice? 
Smart, current, caddy tips and course advice provided straight from the local pros. Caddy tips are tailored for the golfer based on their micro-geolocation. The course's Pro Shop is updating each hole, every day, making sure you're ready for your next swing.


What's a Beacon?
Bluetooth low energy technology that extends the use of Bluetooth wireless technology to devices that are powered by small, coin-cell batteries. Bluetooth low energy wireless technology consumes only a fraction of the power of Classic Bluetooth radios. (