Your Mobile Smart Caddy

What do we need to do? 

Log into the CaddyBeacon member page and make an update. That's it! We have a simple, smart dashboard so you can input course information as easy as sending a text message. 

CaddyBeacon's TAP Dash allows you update Tee shots, Approaches, and Putts.  

Who's your best golfer? But really, anyone with CaddyBeacon member access can make updates.

Soon, we will make available real-time TAP Sync so those who just left the hole can provide some crowd feedback. 

Who makes the updates?

Did you ever think about outfitting your carts with expensive GPS locators and costly range finders? Well, no need. CaddyBeacon is the cost effective solution to provide a fun, smart, and better experience for your players. Best news... its available to any golfer with a smartphone. Walk or ride, golfers play smarter!

Seems like a hole-in-one...